Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Two things I tend to dislike:

1. People
2. The DMV

And when they combine:

Today at the DMV I spent about half an hour standing in line just to get a number. I finally got my number and went off to find a seat. I found a nice spot at the end of a row with 4 empty chairs to my right. I saw a man eying me. He was probably about my fathers age, latin, and wearing a very nice suit. He came and sat right next to me...practically on my lap. Didn't he see all the other empty chairs? I didn't look at him and finally after a little while he asked me for a pen. I said I did not have one and then I suggested he ask the lady at the desk. He didn't budge.


  1. Heart breaker! Maybe the only English he knows is his "ju hab a pen?" pick-up line. :)

  2. ahhhh the DMV...where love happens!!!

    I TOLD you your hair is so hot!!!!!!!

  3. You don’t like beaner and pig burritos?