Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Tale of Horror

I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Wow, was I good looking that day. I was styling my favorite pink dress I picked up on clearance for only $10. As I turned away from my reflection, I caught a glimpse of something small, black, and hairy perched on my shoulder. I immediately went into freak out mode. I waved my arms around, screaming "spider, spider! devil! get off of me!!" I ripped off my pretty pink dress to make sure the monster wouldn't get in my hair. I threw the dress on the floor with another scream of, "I hate you! Stupid...evil...SPIDERS!!" I huffed and puffed, thinking I had won the battle. Then I remembered something. I had to save the dress! I loved my dress and couldn't stand to think of a spider poisoning it. So I picked up little corners of the dress and slowly looked for the spider within the fabric. Finally I found him! There it was again, that small, black, and hairy creature. I shook him off the fabric onto the floor. "But wait! What's this?", I said to myself. "That's not..." Yes, my friends, you guessed it. It was only a bit of fuzz left over from doing the laundry.

So let this story stand as a warning to any piece of fuzz that comes my way. You are warned, Mr. Fuzz. I will find you and destroy you if you come near my pretty pink dress again.

Also, live reenactments will be held for those interested. :)


  1. I just snorted in stats class. Thanks for that lovely comedic relief.

  2. Spiders are horrible little creatures! Fuzz that looks like a spider...even worse.