Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cyndi = Typical White Person


"If you want to understand white people, you need to understand indie music. As mentioned before, white people hate anything that’s “mainstream” and are desperate to find things that are more genuine, unique, and reflective of their experiences.

Fortunately, they have independent music.

A white person’s iPod (formerly CD collection) is not merely an assemblage of music that they enjoy. It is what defines them as a person. They are always on the look out for the latest hot band that no one has heard of so that one day, they can hit it just right and be into a band BEFORE they are featured in an Apple commercial. To a white person, being a fan of a band before they get popular is one of the most important things they can do with their life. They can hold it over their friends forever!"

It's so true. I'm guilty of being a typical white person. I'm not only guilty of #41, I'm also guilty of more than half the list of 123 things white people like. But in my defense on #41, I just like good music. I don't like sellouts. Most artists featured on commercials suddenly decided they were making music for the money. Forget the money, make the music because you are passionate about it. I WANT my friends to like my music. I WANT my bands to become popular. I just don't want their next CD to be crap because they sold out or their concerts to get too expensive and showy because they went main stream.

Thank you to Shannon for drawing my absolute whiteness to my attention. Loves.


  1. this made me laugh. I too, am kinda guilty of this.

  2. Kinda guilty? Megan, I have a memory of you being upset when Shakira put out an English album. I think you are very guilty. <3