Monday, November 30, 2009

Winter Check List

Decorate house for Christmas - CHECK
Purchase endless amounts of hot cocoa - CHECK
Get winter clothing out of storage - CHECK
Create playlist with songs about Christmas, snuggling, staying warm, etc - CHECK
Purchase windshield wiper blades - FAIL
Put heater by bed - CHECK
Find a hot guy to keep me warm - DOUBLE CHECK
Buy a Penguin - FAIL

Status: Almost Ready!!

Listening to Blue Ocotober and cringing.


  1. :) Cyndi you are so cute I want to carry you around with me all day.

  2. Shawn is hotter than Micky D’s palm oil.

  3. I also need a penguin and wipers...

  4. If you are double checking something does that mean you have more than one hot guy keeping you warm??