Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fake Bake

I live in Orange County so sometimes I have to do the fake bake. In the past I have tried professional air brush tans and walked away unimpressed. So now I am on a mission for a cheaper, do-it-yourself tan.

The other day I tried "True Blue Spa - Solar Power" from Bath & Body Works. It worked amazingly well. No streaks, great shade (not orange at all), and so far it's lasted a solid three days (the bottle says to re-apply after 3 days or use their lotion that extends the time between coloring - which you can use for natural tans too). I practiced on my stomach first and waited a day. It looked good so I went all out on my legs and was very happy with my results. I sprayed it on, let it set, and then before it dried all the way I used my hands to spread it as even as possible.

My friend swears by Jergens tanning lotions. She says her trick is to get the shade darker than you are (if you are fair skin, don't get the light, get the medium). I'll be trying this one next!


  1. What, no warnings to others about the dangers of tanning while barefoot?